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Incontinence: Overview of the Condition Outside of urology clinics, it is not common to hear people discussing about incontinence. However, if you are suffering from this condition, you are not alone. According to latest statistics, millions of people from around the country suffer silently with the condition. There are a number of products you can use to treat incontinence. There are also various websites with information no how to naturally deal with condition. Read on to understand more about the causes, signs and symptoms of incontinence. What You Should Know About Incontinence
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You may have heard of incontinence but don’t know what it is. In a nutshell, the condition makes a person unable to control the his/her passing of urine or bowel. When you have this condition, your body can discharge urine at any time, and you will have little control about the activity.
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Incontinence is found in a large percentage of the population. A “small leak” is all that some people have with regards to the condition. For other people, incontinence may be manifested with complete loss of bladder control. Incontinence manifests itself through different symptoms. Having to rush to the toilet any time you feel like passing urine is one of the symptoms. However, just because you have these symptoms does not mean you automatically suffer from incontinence. The only sure way of determining whether you are suffering from the condition is through a medical checkup. Types of Incontinence The main types of incontinence are two. The first category of the condition is urinary incontinence. Many women suffer from the condition during pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, people suffering from asthma, arthritis and diabetes have a higher likelihood of suffering from urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence comes in varying severities. Some people may find themselves with a leak when they laugh hysterically at a joke. Other people with severe incontinence may be unable to control their bladder. For such people, wetting themselves spontaneously is common. There are different factors that are known to cause urinary incontinence. However, the condition can be managed and treated. There are also various steps you can take to ensure you do not end up suffering from the condition. Things such as controlling your weight, keeping fit and reducing consumption of alcohol are known to prevent urinary incontinence. If you want to treat the condition, get a doctor to carry out an examination and recommend the right medication. The doctor may suggest undergoing surgery if you have severe urinary incontinence. Apart from urinary incontinence, there is also fecal incontinence. People who struggle to control their bowel are likely to be suffering from this type of incontinence. When you are suffering from the condition, you tend to pass stool or feces when you least expect. Fecal incontinence is also affecting many people just like urinary incontinence. The good news is that you can use a number of products to control and manage the condition. A doctor can prescribe medication to treat fecal incontinence.