The Recovery Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery

In Florida, women undergo complex cosmetic procedures to achieve their dream body. While these procedures can be highly beneficial, they can take a toll on the body. For this reason, all patients will follow strict guidelines and instructions during their recovery. The following is a review of the recovery process after breast augmentation.

The Initial Aftercare Instructions

The patients must walk for at least five to ten minutes each hour. This reduces the probability of a blood clot forming in their legs. They must also continue to wear a compression bra and/or wrap their breasts with surgical gauze. The surgeon will provide detailed instructions for patients with drainage tubes as well. The surgeon prescribes antibiotics after the surgery to lower the risk of infections. They advise the patient of any complications as well as the typical side effects.

The First Seven Days

The patient’s chest will be stiff and sore. They can remove their surgical dressing after at least two days. At this time, they must continue to wear a supportive bra provided by the surgeon. The surgeon will advise them of the day in which they are allowed to shower within this first week. If the surgeon used standard sutures instead of those that dissolve, they are removed after seven days. Patients who aren’t required to participate in strenuous activities or lift heavy objects can return to work after the first week.

Weeks Two Through Six

The patient can participate in less strenuous activities after two weeks. However, they must ensure that all activities are gentle on the breasts and don’t require any pulled or tugging of the breast muscles. The ability to participate in intimate relations depends on the comfort levels of the patient.

The Long Term Effects

Patients must undergo an MRI at least once every two to three years. They must report any abnormal lumps or developments in the breasts. If a leak is discovered, the patient must have the implant removed. They can undergo a replace at the same time of this removal.

In Florida, women acquire complex procedures to correct conditions of the breast and to enhance their appearance. These procedures require them to follow strict recovery instructions. These instructions also describe any emergency conditions to report to their surgeons. Patients who want to review additional details can get more today here.