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Herbal VS Prescription Medicine: Know What is Better

In this day and age, medicines, either herbal or pharmaceutical, are being consumed and used all over the planet. A lot of people would argue that one side is better than the other side, although, the fact of the matter is that it is not possible for us to claim what is better than the two. Even though both types of medicinal options may indeed have some clear similarities in terms of effectiveness as a cure or remedy, there are still some distinct differences between the two. Thus, in this article, we will mainly focus on showing you the differences between the two types of medicines.

An easy to find difference between the herbal supplements and pharmaceutical drugs is that they have significantly different prices. It is well known that almost every type of pharmaceutical drugs that you can find in your local pharmacy is priced way more than the herbal supplements. One of the main reasons as to why prescription drugs are highly expensive most especially in the USA is that the government is preventing any generic variation of the prescription drug to easily come inside the local market. Therefore, more local individuals who live in the USA would instead take herbal supplements rather than them having to pay ridiculous prices. Another obvious difference between prescribed drugs and herbal medicines is that prescribed drugs are relatively dangerous if used incorrectly.

There should be a lot of different cases of people who have gotten bed ridden or hospitalized due to the fact that they have over dosed on the prescribed drugs that they used. The worst part about prescribed drugs is that the also have obvious side effects as well, that can affect our everyday lives and activities negatively. While the herbal supplements on the other hand is well known as a type of medicine that is significantly safe to use and the best part is that they also do not have any obvious side effects.

And finally the last difference between herbal supplement and prescribed drugs is their legitimate proven effectiveness. Most of the prescribed drugs may indeed be relatively expensive to buy, but they are also highly effective and proven to be effective legitimately in terms of medicinal cure and remedy, while the herbal supplements have no claims or proof of their effectiveness, many herbal medicine users would still defend the fact that herbal medicines are also highly effective as well. The fact of the matter is that people would only want to take medicines that are inexpensive, safe and works effectively, thus, in closure, just use herbal supplements instead of prescription drugs, due to the fact that they cost less, are relatively safe and also works amazingly.

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