Reviewing Requirements For Travel LPN Staffing

A licensed practical nurse works in a variety of medical facilities. They have the opportunity to work in hospitals, urgent care, and nursing home facilities. They provide limited medical care for patients. Typically, the nurses check vitals, maintain patient records, provide updates for doctors, and start IVs. They do not complete complex procedures. The following is a review of the requirements for travel LPN staffing.

Educational Requirements for LPNs

A licensed practical nurse complete a two-year degree or certificate program. The state requirements determine which program is required for the individual. Prospective nurses must complete coursework to include but not limited to first aid, nutrition, and anatomy. The programs present the nurses with knowledge of standard triage requirements. The nurses can complete coursework online; however, all clinical work must be completed on campus.

Years of Experience

Licensed practical nurses that want to travel for work must have at least one year experience in their field. Nurses that have a specific specialty must possess an additional year of experience in that field. Most hospitals that recruit traveling nurses may want nurses who have experience traveling to perform their services. They must provide verifiable proof of their work history.

What Certifications are Required?

The nurses must obtain certain certifications. They must complete basic life support that enables them to manage these requirements for patients They are also required to complete the advanced cardiac life support certifications. The nurses will connect patients to life support equipment in the field. They must take all examinations and renew certifications as directed by state laws.

Continuing Education Units

All licensed practical nurses are required to participate in continuing education units. The units assist them in completing more advanced degree programs. The programs help them qualify for more medical positions and advance in their career. Select employers may provide financial assistance for covering the cost of the programs.

Traveling nursing professionals provide care to a larger spectrum of patients. They may travel to areas in which standard health care isn’t available to patients. The programs may also provide the patients with a better quality of life. Prospective LPNs that want a travel-based position contact a recruiter right now.