Finding Parallels Between Health and Life

The Relation Between Stress and Health.

Once in a while, people are stressed by different conditions. Stress can be defined as that brain reaction to a situation affecting your life. The kinds of circumstances that lead to stress are varied. They cause varied reaction of the brain hence one can have positive or negative effects. In some instances “the fight-or-flight” response will receive life situations positively, as a call to action. When the response to the condition of stress is responded to positively, there is a likelihood of a better outcome. The brain at times will fail to fight the issue and lead to trauma in one’s mind. When your property or belongings are at a risk of loss, stress comes automatically. Most persons who suffer from stress are women, the youth as well as the ones with low income levels. When you evade brain anxiety, you are doing yourself good as you are fleeing from possible ailments.

Stress rarely causes a disease. Trauma will nonetheless, interact with your genetics to lead to some negative health conditions. What stress mostly does, is contribute to influencing a disease in your body.

For one, stress is associated with influencing behaviours that negatively impacts on heart health. Brain unrest will lead people to abuse of drugs like alcohol or cigarettes among other issues that negatively impact on your heart health. From the stressful conditions and life threatening activities, the health of your heart is endangered.
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brain unrest caused by work problems lead to development of heart attack in a person. When stress causes anxiety or intense anger to a person the risk of heart attack arising multiplies to nine more times.
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People who suffer stress are likely to acquire diabetes. Trauma will lead to the increase in the production of hormone cortisol. Increase in cortisol, increases amount of glucose in the blood, leading to the explanation of how stress contributes to diabetes. When it comes to women, those suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder are at a higher risk of contracting diabetes. Stress with diabetic persons affect them even more. It becomes more difficult for diabetes patients with stress to handle their condition. No one is at a position to take care of themselves when they are stressed, let alone the diabetic ones. Most of them will not do exercises and may likely get into drinking to evade stress. With the stress, the patients will have less concern to check the level of glucose or feed properly as expected. Stress will therefore affect the persons suffering from diabetes more as they will poorly manage their health situation.

Apart from heart attack and diabetes, there are common impacts of stress on the well-being of individuals.