A Noted Medical Specialist Shares Tips Regarding How to Look After the Lungs

Every adult has experienced shortness of breath at one time or another, whether after engaging in overly vigorous exercise or suffering from a sudden fright. When the human lungs are working at their best, they are capable of some truly impressive things, reliably drawing oxygen from the air and infusing it into blood. On the other hand, lung related problems and ailments can be extremely devastating, with many Americans dying each year from lung cancer and other diseases. As those who find out more at LinkedIn will see, a lung specialist at one Massachusetts hospital recently weighed in with some tips regarding how people can take better care of these precious, important organs.

One of these is to realize that shortness of breath is not always of the entirely innocuous kind that most people can expect to feel from time to time. When it regularly becomes difficult to restore a person’s breathing to a natural, satisfying pace, this can turn out to be a symptom of a serious underlying condition. Many Americans, particularly older ones, for example, suffer from a disease known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Shortness of breath that recurs overly frequently or after even mild exertion can be a sign that this disease or another one has begun to set in.

Quite a few older Americans each year, along with plenty of younger ones, also succumb to infections of the lung like bacterial pneumonia. While some of these cases are almost unavoidable and reflect the gravely weakened condition of the patient’s immune system, others have more surprising and less well known causes. For example, an excess of plaque and bacterial buildup in the mouth can encourage pneumonia in certain patients when the wrong conditions arise. Simply by heading more regularly to the dentist for cleaning and doing a better job of brushing and flossing their teeth, older Americans and others can reduce this risk significantly.

With a number of other helpful, concrete tips to be found in the same article, it should be clear that there is plenty that people can do to safeguard their lungs. Being aware of the most common issues and how best to avoid them can help anyone breath more freely for life.