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Why is Vape Smoking Cooler than Cigarette Smoking?

It is well known that smoking is harmful which is why governments have added tax on cigarettes and even printed pictures and warnings on the packets. Shifting away from the false notion of smokers being wicked in terms of their health and uncaring let’s gear towards the Fact that smokers are nicotine addicts as cigarettes have high amounts of nicotine which makes it very difficult for them to quit smoking. With the creation of vapes ore-cigarettes , former cigarette smokers have switched to this new trend as it allows them to have a safer alternative for smoking.

Vapes actually have a lot of reasons why it is much more cooler than cigarettes.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptom-Free

Nicotine withdrawal is a nasty situation wherein you undergo a lot of symptoms after stopping cigarette smoking, symptoms may include getting nauseous, dizzy, irritable, shaky and sweaty. Using vape is very important in quitting cigarette smoking as it allows you to adjust your liquid nicotine intake by lowering it down gradually and not having to adjust all at once or change thus it prevents nicotine withdrawal symptoms symptoms.

Vaping is Lit AF

Many smokers smoke for various reasons, good because they are stressed or bored or for coping a difficult situation, vape is better than cigarette as it allows you to smoke and function without having to endanger your health. Vaping is made to feel that you’re still smoking especially if you’re used to doing this first thing in the morning or after eating so that it won’t interrupt your daily routine.

Gives you Numerous Choices
Cigarettes have a boring list of choices which only comprised of regular and menthol the other flavours are too costly and it even compromise your health. In comparison with vaping, it allows you to days variety of e-liquid flavours including the very popular hemp vape that you won’t have to think about nicotine anymore and which will definitely help you to quit smoking.

It Helps You to Focus on Improving your Health
And do you know that Vape has a very beneficial effect in which it enhances your health? It is a difficulty backed up bias study that proves vape smokers who are previously cigarette smokers has the word down there risks of serious health conditions including lung cancer and heart disease.
So if you’re still cigarette smoking now then you should make this very important decision or switching to vaping as it obviously does good for you Additionally it offers alternative For certain conditions such as Pain relief and lowering the anxiety without having to harm your health as a payment.